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Staff Augmentation Services in the Philippines

Kittelson & Carpo Recruitment and Executive Search provides Staff Augmentation and Offshore Staffing services to foreign companies looking to reduce labor costs by outsourcing their back-office, administrative, and technical job functions to the Philippines.

Our team of Recruiters and Headhunters utilize the best talent sourcing channels available in the Philippines to locate and recruit local candidates for project-based, short-term or long-term Staff Augmentation contracts. We provide customized and transparent outsourcing solutions in selected areas in the Philippines, from Metro Manila’s premium cities of Makati, BGC, Ortigas Center, and Quezon City to the rising cities of Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, Clark, Subic Bay, Santa Rosa (Laguna), and Bacolod.

Our Staff Augmentation model is designed to help foreign companies outsource non-core and back-office functions to a dedicated team of employees in the Philippines. This allows them to focus on their core competencies to achieve business goals and allocate more capital to their revenue-generating business units in their head office abroad.

Benefits of Availing our Staff Augmentation Services

Cut Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

Availing of Staff Augmentation services from a country with low labor capital requirements like the Philippines allows you to gain access to skilled professionals with lower salary rates than their counterparts in affluent countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Singapore.

We can help you avoid investing in internal skills development or sourcing for local employees in your home country for back-office job functions or projects with short-term durations by providing you an offshore team of professionals able to provide the same quality output but with a fraction of the cost. We will also assist you in constructing a compensation and benefits package that meets local industry standards.  

We Handle the Recruitment Process For You

Our recruitment process usually runs for 40 business days or fewer if your ideal candidates are already in our in-house talent pool. We source for candidates using active and passive talent sourcing methodologies to sustain a recruitment funnel filled with top-performing professionals from multiple industries.

Our Recruiters and Headhunters have over ten years of experience in placing candidates for rank-and-file, specialized, and technical positions. We employ a client-centric approach in our recruitment process to ensure the candidates we endorse to you have the necessary skill-set and qualifications you need.  

Centralize Focus on Your Internal Team Abroad

We are committed to helping you delegate your repetitive, time-consuming, and highly technical business processes to a dedicated team of professionals so you can easily downsize your in-house team abroad. We also provide value-added services such as payroll and HR management to handle your offshore team’s salary compensation and benefits, employment contracts, termination and retention, and labor-related issues.   

We will assist you in constructing an equal allocation of work responsibilities to create a team capable of producing your desired work output or meeting the completion demands of your projects. With this, you can provide more focus on your profit-generating internal teams and improve your products or services to drive company growth.   

Acquire Access to Flexible Office Spaces and Amenities

We offer modern plug-n-play office space rentals with fully-furnished amenities and flexible workspace capacities. You can choose between a coworking space or a private office for your offshore employees. We provide flexible leasing arrangements and fair pricing rates, charging our clients a fixed rate on a workstation per person per month basis.

We have coworking spaces with 3-20 seating capacities and private offices with medium to large spaces to accommodate 10-200+ employees. We will provide you with customizable options depending on your workspace specifications and labor size requirements.    

Our office spaces are complemented by fully-furnished rooms and workstations, 24/7 IT support, industry-grade technologies, and biometric access to our other facilities (from conference rooms, board rooms, business lounges, and huddle areas to multifunctional rooms, common areas, and leisure areas like game rooms, event spaces, and fitness rooms).     

Reduce Risks and Liabilities From Your Enterprise

Our Staff Augmentation model is a co-employment engagement that requires both client and service provider to share some degree of liability and responsibility for the employees. As such, we will act as a co-employer of your offshore staff in the Philippines and hold liability for their payroll, workplace equipment and safety, labor relations, and tax-related government compliance.

Additionally, we will provide you with the option to increase or decrease your labor size requirements depending on your business needs, so you can avoid unnecessary long-term commitments when there is no need for them.    

Planning to Invest in Staff Augmentation Services in the Philippines?

When you partner with the right service provider, one that is able to properly understand your requirements and provide the manpower and technical resources you need, you will be able to obtain the full benefits of offshore staffing acquiring favorable access to skilled professionals without the cost and liabilities of hiring full-time employees and effectively eliminating the burden of directly supervising repetitive tasks or highly technical job functions from your enterprise.

As the trusted Staff Augmentation services provider of many foreign companies around the world, we provide our clients the flexibility to shift service allocations so they can easily integrate their offshore staffing engagement with us to their existing processes and workflows abroad.

If you want to learn more about our Staff Augmentation services, you can give our experts a call today.   

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