Search Process

Search Process

Manila Recruitment Search Process

Kittelson & Carpo is your “one-stop shop” for staffing recruitment services in the Philippines. Our recruitment firm will assist you in your search for skilled and competent employees in Makati, Manila, Ortigas, Fort Bonifacio, and many other locales in the Philippines. Our dynamic team of HR recruiters and headhunters will carefully identify your needs, and provide you with talented, college-educated professionals for you start-up company in the Philippines.

Employee Selection Process

Upon ascertaining the job description and candidate profile, we will undertake a detailed search to fill the position. The entire search process will take anywhere from one to four weeks to complete and the specific approach is as follows:

  1. Client signs Recruitment proposal;
  2. Company posts vacant position and sources candidate;
  3. Company conducts phone interviews with candidates on the preliminary short list;
  4. Company conducts face-to-face interview in English, with writing and other potential tests;
  5. Company creates a shortlist of candidates and sends it to client;
  6. Client interviews and approves the most suitable candidate;
  7. Company conducts reference checks;
  8. Job offer is made to candidate by company;
  9. Candidate accepts job offer;
  10. Company sends employment contract to candidate;
  11. Candidate signs employment contract

Once the candidate accepts the job offer, he/she may begin employment on the next business day, if not already employed. If the candidate is currently employed, then a notice period to the current employer of up to 30-days will be required.

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