HR Consulting

HR Consulting in the Philippines

Our diverse human resource consulting department closely works with our clients to provide sound advice in starting and organizing human resource initiatives or correcting existing platforms and processes and daily human resource management. Our team assesses the processes of the organization and recommends strategic human resource programs focusing on performance of employees, identifying their strengths and weaknesses to maximize each employee’s potential and competitiveness. The testing, assessment, and implementation of human resource best practices and strategies improves service to the clients and internal employees, thus allowing the organization to achieve its goals and provide a smooth work operation.

Organizational Development

Every organization must have a mission and vision statement and corporate values to set the goals and expectations of the management and the workforce. This goal-setting is used to provide guidance on day-to-day transactions and comes as a very important tool for both the management and its workforce when faced with difficult situations and decision-making. Cultural immersion and a definite work process flow and design must be established to provide work harmony.

Record Management

Our team of Labor Lawyers can draft job offer letters, regularization and probationary employment contracts and manuals in line with the Philippine Labor Law.

Salary Structure, Compensation, and Benefits

We can help to identify and align the correct salary structure based on the job specifications set by the organization. Benefits form an integral part of employee retention and our team can help plan and organize a reward system that is based on performance assessment or evaluation.


We provide programs for employee retention based on a performance management process which helps identify the effectiveness of existing policies and programs and its effect on internal employees. We then re-structure or create a program suitable for the organization and its employees. We provide advice and assistance in implementing correct termination procedure based on the Philippine Labor Code.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coach provides advice on performance management, management training and preparation, conflict management and enhancement of strategic thinking. Training and classes can take place in our own training center as well as on site at our clients’ offices.

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