DOLE Reports Stability of Philippine Employment Situation
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DOLE Reports Stability of Philippine Employment Situation 

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) remains confident in the employment situation of the country after the Philippine Statistics Authority’s (PSA) latest estimates from the Labor Force Survey (LFS) showed improvements in specific figures such as the employment rate, labor force participation rate (LFPR), and other factors taken into account.

However, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III says they still need to sustain the work gains of the country while working on other difficulties faced by the labor and employment agency. 

“Amid the stable employment situation in the country, we need to sustain our efforts to strengthen decent work gains and address the remaining challenges. Our aim at the Department is to secure employment, make employment more meaningful, more productive, and more beneficial to the workers, which in turn induce greater productivity to our employers and business,” Bello said.

Labor Force Survey 2019 Results

The current estimated employment rate as of July 2019 is 94.6% which is the same figure from July 2018. As for the LFPR in July 2019, the rate increased from last year’s 60.1% to 62.1% of the same period.  Last year, there are a total of 41 million employed Filipinos during the same period. This year, the figures from the latest LFS report reached 43 million, which translates to a 5.7% growth rate. 

The unemployment rate remains at 5.4%, but the underemployment rate had a massive decrease from July 2018’s 17.2% to 13.9% this year. These results show a reduction of underemployed workers compared to the 17.2% underemployed Filipinos from last year.

Bello said that more Filipino laborers are now experiencing stable and well-paid employment thanks to the introduction of specific laws geared towards their protection such as the Security of Tenure bill (SOT) and Service Charge bill. Currently, DOLE is now consistently pushing for the approval of the SOT bill which aims to abolish abusive employment practices seen until today.

DOLE Gears Up for New Initiatives

In a related development, the labor and employment agency is also pushing to initiate programs such as the JobStart Philippines Program, Special Program for Employment of Students, and the Government Internship Program will provide the youth a headstart in creating a career path. They are also preparing to capacitate the Filipino workforce to prevent skill mismatches in the country because of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s occurrence.

Initiatives such as the JobsFit 2022 Labor Market Information Report will provide labor market signals that may lead to the creation of new job opportunities and the gauging of additional skills that may be present for existing or new job titles. These programs aim to help students and job seekers to make proper education and career choices. 

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