Government Promises PWDs with Job Opportunities
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Government Continues to Assist PWD Workers 

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III reassured the public of the Philippine government and their commitment to Persons with Disabilities (PWD) by protecting their rights and promoting their economic empowerment. The labor agency is creating projects and programs to assist PWD workers in securing an employment opportunity.

“Given the government’s commitment under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability and the department’s agenda on achieving inclusive growth and decent work for all, we shall continue to bring hope to all PWDs by providing them employment and livelihood opportunities,” he said during the celebration of National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week last July 19, 2019.

Hosted by the Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns (BWSC), an agency attached to DOLE and in partnership with Unilab Foundation’s “Project Inclusion,” the Employers Forum on Disability Inclusive Employment aims to promote the rights of PWD workers and equal access to job opportunities.

Bello Lauds Private Employers for Providing Job Vacancies

The Labor Secretary expressed his contentment towards private organizations who adhere with Republic Act (RA) 10524 and its amendments for RA. 7277, otherwise known as the “Magna Carta for Disabled Persons.” 

“I am very happy that private companies heed the call of including their PWDs in their workforce. I hope that more employers will do the same.” Bello said as he expressed his contentment towards private organizations who adhere with RA 10524. He also added that there are currently 270 companies providing job vacancies for PWDs. 

According to Section 1 of RA 10524, PWDs must have access to opportunities for employment and be subject to the same terms and conditions, privileges, benefits, and incentives of a non-disabled individual. Government agencies and offices must reserve at least 1% of all positions to PWD workers. Private corporations must allocate the same amount of job positions if they have more than 100 employees.

DOLE Creates Programs to Assist PWDs with Employment

The Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) and the Public Employment Service Offices improve their employment facilitation for PWD workers as they can also search for job opportunities with the PhilJobNet job portal, apply for the JobStart Philippines Program or the Government Internship Progam, and DOLEs continued hosting of job affairs.

The labor agency and its regional offices will also conduct Disability Sensitivity Training for Frontliners and Public Employment Service Office Managers. The labor agency is also hosting a workshop with the Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) concerning the development of the DOLE Disability Inclusive Governance Framework on July 23 to plan the inclusion of PWD workers in the programs and services offered by DOLE.

Bello is looking forward to their partners from other government agencies, local government units, and non-government organizations as they continue their cooperation with DOLE during the week-long activities for PWD rehabilitation and economic empowerment.

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