Call Center Managers

Call Center Managers in the Philippines

With the highly stressful work environment and highly demanding job requirements of the IT-BPO industry, a call center manager is a glue that holds the team together. They are responsible in ensuring that agents under their management are trained to handle tasks as well as motivating the team by implementing a recognition and rewards system if an employee was able to delight the customers and exceeded the management’s expectations. They are also required to support agents for escalated concerns, generate reports for the upper management, and other managerial and day-to-day tasks that the role holds.

Experienced call center managers should have a positive disposition, must be results-driven, have organizational skills, highly reliable, extremely patient, and have qualities of a good leader equipped in handling a team. They are usually problem solvers who can see both the big picture and the little details to resolve and attend to every client needs. They are also expected to have excellent communication and customer service skills to deliver what is needed from someone with their position.

In this line of work, commitment to the company and passion for the job is a necessity. Since it is an industry revolving in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment, the organization needs these call center managers to keep the team grounded and on track of their objectives by aligning them with the company’s purposes and goals.

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