Call Center Agents

Call Center Agents in the Philippines

Call Center Agents cater to customer calls, whether outbound or inbound, on behalf of a business or an account they are assigned with. They handle support services such as account management, customer support, and other concerns within their job expertise. Call center agents are also referred to as Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), contact center agents, account executives, and many others.

The Philippines is known as the second ideal destination for foreign IT-BPO companies that want to expand their business operations in Asia. As an English-speaking country with a talented and high-skilled labor force, it is not surprising that foreign investors choose to invest in the country. Aside from being fluent English speakers, the country’s labor force is also composed of people who are fluent in other languages such as Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Swedish, Dutch, and Italian. There is also a prevalence of professionals with high adaptability skills in working for a fast-paced environment.

IT-BPO companies are well-known for their “One-Day Hiring” process which is attractive to young job seekers who want to work in the booming IT-BPO industry. Big players in the industry usually have a team for the recruitment process to supply manpower and support growing business demands.

Despite having their own recruitment team, especially the new entrants, these companies still seek assistance from recruitment firms with their hiring needs, because these agencies are well-equipped with the right tools and expertise in navigating the Philippine Labor Market to look for and attract the right talent/candidate.

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